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Wine & Water Wednesday

Wine & Water Wednesday (August 22)

Wine & Water Wednesday (August 22)

from 22.00

The last of our 2018 Wine & Water Wednesday events! We take groups out kayaking on the river and bring them back for dinner and wine at the vineyard. The event starts at 5PM. There are a few different pricing options based on kayak choice:

Guided Raft Seat with Dinner: $42/person (max. 5 spots on the raft)
Single Kayak Rental with Dinner: $57/person (max. 10 single kayak rentals )
Tandem Kayak Rental with Dinner: $42/person max. (4 people - 2 tandem kayaks available)
Bring-Your-Own-Kayak with Dinner: $32/person (max. 10 people)
Dinner Only: $22/person (unlimited)

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