Hamlet Vineyards

Wine & Water Wednesday

Wine & Water Wednesday (July 18)

Wine & Water Wednesday (July 18)

from 22.00

The second of three Wine & Water Wednesday events this summer! We take groups out kayaking on the river and bring them back for dinner and wine at the vineyard. The event starts at 5PM. There are a few different pricing options based on kayak choice:

Guided Raft Seat with Dinner: $42/person (max. 5 spots on the raft)
Single Kayak Rental with Dinner: $57/person (max. 10 single kayak rentals )
Tandem Kayak Rental with Dinner: $42/person max. (4 people - 2 tandem kayaks available)
Bring-Your-Own-Kayak with Dinner: $32/person (max. 10 people)
Dinner Only: $22/person (unlimited)

Choose your kayak preference while checking out! If you can’t make the July 18 event, we are also having Wine & Water Wednesday on June 20 and August 22.

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